Statement In Response to the Address of H.E. Lukáš Parízek State Secretary and Special Representative of the 2019 Slovak OSCE Chairmanship as delivered by Ambassador Arm



Statement In Response to the Address of H.E. Lukáš Parízek State Secretary and Special

Representative of the 2019 Slovak OSCE Chairmanship as delivered by Ambassador Arman Kirakossian, Permanent Representative of Armenia at the 1193rd Special Meeting of the OSCE Permanent Council

July 19, 2018


Mr. Chair,


The Delegation of Armenia welcomes the State Secretary and Special Representative of the incoming 2019 Slovak OSCE Chairmanship, H.E. Lukáš Parízek to the Permanent Council and thanks for outlining priorities of the Slovak Chairmanship.


We will carefully assess priorities of incoming Slovak Chairmanship, which as we understand will be evolving around effective multilateralism, conflict prevention and people. However, at the outset we would like to stress that these three pillars of the Slovak Chairmanship can serve as excellent reference points in all three dimensions, as well in cross-dimensional issues.


In our view, the effective multilateralism in the OSCE context means first of all readiness to contribute towards the European security and cooperation in responsible manner. The ability to go beyond national or bilateral agenda is a key to effective multilateralism. This is true for all participating states but it is even more relevant for the Chairmanship as it is bound to lead by example. In this regard, we pledge all our support to the incoming Chairmanship in its future efforts of putting effective multilateralism in action.


Conflict prevention has been trademark of the OSCE and we strongly endorse resolve of the incoming Chairmanship to reinvigorate conflict prevention. It should be clearly established that conflict prevention is relevant in all phases of the conflict cycle. Preventing re-occurrence of armed conflicts is particularly important in the framework of protracted conflicts. Use of force created many conflict situations and it is also use of force and threat to use of force that have served as serious impediment towards advancement of peace process.


Attempts to create capacities for use of force including through accumulation of offensive weaponry and illegal exports of military items should be effectively addressed within conflict prevention. Thus, the Chairmanships along with all other participating states have an important role in upholding all OSCE commitments on arms control particularly in the sensitive security environment. In this regard, we would like to reiterate statements made by our delegation in the 2018 Annual Security Review Conference. Armenia is ready to engage in open and frank dialogue on this matter.


We welcome the intention of the incoming Chairmanship to support efforts of agreed formats of conflict resolution, as specified by the distinguished State Secretary and Special Representative. When it comes to Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, we expect strong interaction of Slovak Chairmanship and its Personal Representative with the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs and all parties to the conflict, particularly in implementing additional measures aimed at reducing tensions along the Line of Contact.


Strong adherence to three principles of conflict resolution, namely non-use of force, equal rights and self-determination of peoples and territorial integrity, put forward by the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs for the conflict resolution can be another important contribution of Slovak Chairmanship to the peace process.


Mr. State Secretary,


We are encouraged that people, their rights, needs and aspirations will be high on the agenda of the Slovak Chairmanship. Helsinki Final Act confirms the equal rights of the peoples in an unconditional manner. Elsewhere in the OSCE region, including conflict areas, people should be able to enjoy the same human rights and fundamental freedoms including right to take part in the Government.


Ultimate sovereignty rests with people and the will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government. The people of Armenia recently showed relevance of this aspirations deriving from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Armenia looks forward to ambitious human dimension agenda of Slovak Chairmanship. We subscribe to the view that there is no safe societies without upholding fundamental freedoms and human rights. In our view, OSCE is well positioned to prevent gross and massive human rights violations, particularly those, which target entire groups of people and are criminalized under universal international instruments.


We took note that the incoming Chairmanship will continue to put strong emphasis on Structured Dialogue. We share importance of the implementation of confidence and security building measures and mil-to-mil contacts aimed at increasing transparency of armed forces.


We also appreciate the role of Slovakia in promoting an effective and accountable security sector reforms as the Chair of Group of Friends. Armenia looks forward to continue OSCE projects on Security Sector and Governance within Armenia Cooperation Programme and we will rely on Chairmanship support in this regard.


In conclusion, we would like to wish every success to you, Mr. State Secretary, in your future responsible mission.


Thank you.