STATEMENT in Response to the Report by the Co-ordinator of OSCE Economic and Environmental Activities as delivered by Ambassador Arman Kirakossian, Permanent Representative of Armenia



STATEMENT in Response to the Report by the Co-ordinator of OSCE Economic and Environmental Activities as delivered by Ambassador Arman Kirakossian, Permanent Representative of

Armenia at the 1202nd  Meeting of the Permanent Council

November 15, 2018


Mr. Chairman,


We would like to thank Ambassador Vuk Žugić for his report to the Permanent Council and presenting key priority areas of the work of the Office of Coordinator of OSCE Economic and Environmental Activities, namely the  prevention of corruption, connectivity, energy along with the specific emphasis on environmental activities.


Before going into specific areas of cooperation with the Office, I would like to stress that economic and environmental dimension remains an important platform of building security and confidence in line with the OSCE commitments.


The ability to address new ideas and trends in de-politicized framework is an important feature  of the second dimension and the role of the Office is essential in giving concrete form and substance to this cooperation through assisting participating states to implement their commitments.


The prevention and combating corruption is a strong priority of the Armenian Government and society. We appreciate involvement of the Office in all undertakings in this regard aimed at identifying the possible agenda and framework of cooperation.


We took note of the strong emphasis of the report on the potential of digitalization as promoter of connectivity , socio-economic well-being and security.


We understand that further examination of digitalization deserves special attention and in this regard we welcome the theme of the 27th Economic and Environmental Forum. In our view we should use all existing possibilities for dialogue without duplication.


We appreciate continued engagement of the Office  in renewable energy and also take this opportunity to thank Iceland for its readiness to share with participating states good practices on geothermal energy.



Armenia has always appreciated the environmental activities of the Office particularly its involvement in the ENVSEC and support to Aarhus centers.  Throughout the years our economic and environmental cooperation was undertaken through Yerevan Office and currently we are looking forward to continue these projects through Armenia Cooperation Program, including women’s economic empowerment project.


We agree that the current environmental issues require inclusive cooperation throughout the entire OSCE region including conflict areas. The expertise and experience of the Office is important in further examining possible confidence building measures,  which would contribute to security including in its environmental dimension.


That being said, let me highlight that the involvement of the Office into conflict related issues whether in environmental or economic areas including transport should be done in transparent manner in coordination and consultation with all parties to the conflict.


In conclusion, we would like to thank Ambassador Vuk Žugić and the able team of his office for their important activities and wish future success.


Thank you