STATEMENT In Response to the Chairs of the Economic and Environmental Committee and the Human Dimension Committee as delivered by the Delegation of Armenia at the 1216th Meeting of the OSCE


Mr. Chair,


The Delegation of Armenia warmly congratulates Ambassador Kairat Sarybay and Ambassador Ivo Šrámek on assumption of their responsible tasks as Chairs respectively of the Economic and Environmental Committee and the Human Dimension Committee.


We have already had opportunity to present our initial views on work plans in both Committees. At the level of the Permanent Council, we would like to assess work plans within the priorities of the Slovak Chairmanship particularly its people-centered approach.


Another important element which deserves to be invoked as a common denominator of work of two committees is a then imperative to ensure strong security link.


This is particularly true for the economic and environmental dimension, which always requires additional assessment for identification of relevant issues out of vast area of economic and environmental activities. In this regard, it should be highlighted that trust and confidence building has always been both objective and modus operandi of the second dimension.


In this regard, we would like to encourage to streamline the work plan around building confidence and security through addressing various topics of economic and environmental cooperation.


Number of OSCE documents including the Maastricht Strategy Document for the Economic and Environmental Dimension and Vilnius conflict cycle decision refers to the unique role of the second dimension throughout conflict cycle including early warning, conflict prevention and crisis management.


We support discussions on the economic and environmental situation in conflict areas through people-centered approach. We understand that it may be envisaged to hold such a kind of discussions through reporting of field missions. While welcoming efforts of the field missions in addressing economic and environmental needs of people affected by conflicts, we do not think that performance of handful field missions should be the only angle through which we should approach this issue. In our view, focused reports of field missions should be framed within larger thematic discussions aimed at addressing economic and environmental needs of people residing in conflict areas.


The Maastricht Strategy Document for the Economic and Environmental Dimension provides important principles on which our cooperation in this dimension should be based including solidarity, transparency, equal and non-discriminatory partnership, mutual accountability and full respect for the interests of all the OSCE participating States. Therefore, we will assess relevance of suggested topics against these principles as well.


Armenia looks forward to close interaction of the various OSCE stakeholders including OSCE Special Representative on Combatting Corruption Ms. Paola Severino and the Office of the Coordinator of the Economic and Environmental activities in raising the anti-corruption profile of the Organization, which should be reflected also in the deliberations of the Committee.


Mr. Chair,


We are ready to constructively engage in discussions within the thematic priorities of the Czech Chairmanship of Human Dimension Committee. In our view along with promotion and protection of human rights the issue of prevention of human rights violations should be fully mainstreamed in the thematic discussions. It will provide necessarily link with security and address issues of prevention of human rights violations including in their gravest forms, which present threats to peace and security.


The necessity of upholding human rights and fundamental freedoms throughout conflict cycle is a part of the OSCE commitments and we stand ready to discuss implementations of those commitments in inclusive, de-politicized and status neutral manner. Armenia sees strong merits in constructing dialogue on human rights and fundamental freedoms of people affected by conflicts. This dialogue should include all affected groups particularly people residing in conflict areas. Any selective approach, which favors one conflict affected group over the others and serves to promote conflict perceptions and positions would be firmly objected by our delegation.


We also welcome a discussion on safety of journalists in line with newly adopted Milan decision. In our view, these discussions will provide an excellent opportunity to address the issues of protection of journalists in both conflict and non-conflict situations within framework of international human rights law and international humanitarian law.


We are encouraged by the determination of the Czech Chairmanship to address issues of democratic transformation along with fundamental freedoms throughout the year.


In conclusion, we would like to wish the distinguished Chairs of both Committees all success in their endeavors and pledge our support thereon.


Thank you.